We have a wide variety of foil and latex balloons which can be filled with helium or air. There are various colours, motifs and shapes suitable for weddings, birthday parties, corporate and family events. Latex balloons stay in the air for about 12-15 hours due to high porosity of this natural material. Foil balloons keep floating for up to two weeks.

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we deliver balloons starting with 1000 CZK (40 EUR) value

Balloon delivery in Prague (simple)

Don't forget to order your hand-tied mixed bouquet, bouquet of roses or tulips or flowers in a hat box with us.

You can reach us by phone 607 817 716, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, e-mailem [email protected] or you can visit us at Rooseveltova street 49, Prague 6 for information about the availability of certain colours and motifs and to order larger balloon projects.