Our company is capable of realizing large floral decorations projects for corporate or family events. We have had an extensive experience in decorating major Prague hotels (Marriott, Hilton, Don Giovanni), palaces and representational buildings (Zbiroh, Zofin Palace, Vinohrady National House, Prague Municipal House) and restaurants (e.g. Soho+, Villa Richter). For consultation about decorating your event please call +420 607 817 716 or fill a form on the right (onmobiles below) the galleries. Here are some examples of our work. Please click pictures to enlarge. 

Hilton Hotel decoration: decoration of the stage of the big conference hall and a meeting area in the small conference hall. [ess_grid alias=”postpics”] [/ess_grid]
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Here are some examples of our work starting with National House of Vinohrady. More examples here (in Czech) [ess_grid alias=”postpics”] [/ess_grid]
Hotel Marriott in Prague stage decoration for a Christmas corporate event: [ess_grid alias=”postpics”] [/ess_grid]
Don Giovanni hotel in Prague, conference room and stage decoration. [ess_grid alias=”postpics4″] [/ess_grid]
Family event in Prague Zofin Castle
Flower decorations of stairs, entrance hall and Mayor’s Parlour: [ess_grid alias=”postpics”] [/ess_grid]
Wedding ceremony took place in the Mayor’s Parlour: [ess_grid alias=”postpics”] [/ess_grid]
Wedding reception took place in Palace Zofin Small Hall: [ess_grid alias=”postpics”] [/ess_grid]