Brides bouquets in Prague

The uniqueness of each wedding bouquet

On this page as well as on all pages of this website we publish only photos of the bride’s bouquets, which were tied by our florists. We do not like to repeat ourselves, so, you can be sure that we will not tie a standardized one according to a template, especially when it comes to a more expensive wedding bouquet.

Price of a bride’s bouquet

We do not list prices here because it depends on the technique, the choice of flowers and sometimes the colors of the flowers used. Every bouquet of us is unique. As for prices, of course we will create a bouquet according to your requirements and within a certain budget. If you find an interesting bouquet elsewhere on the Internet, of course we will be happy to price it for you and we will be able to create a similar one. In the event that due to the season or market situation this or that genus of flowers will not be available, we will offer you a suitable alternative.

Order and delivery of wedding bouquets

We accept orders on +420 607 817 716 (also Viber and WhatsApp), by e-mail [email protected] or during a personal visit to our brick-and-mortar shop in Prague 6 – Bubeneč at Rooseveltova street 49. Of course, we will deliver bouquets around Prague, we will bring a more expensive bouquet or a set of wedding bouquets at a discount or completely free of charge, depending mainly on the address and time of delivery.

We will add buttonhole flowers for the groom and the wedding guests, or with bouquets for the witness, the bridesmaids and mothers to the bride’s bouquet. Please send us as many details of your future wedding as possible. This will help us a lot to tie a bouquet you really want.

We are eager to cooperate, but if in hurry you may rely on us.

Delivery is not a problem. We implement large wedding flower projects throughout the Czech Republic, Germany (Bavaria, Saxony) and Austria.